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TextLess Live More's Inspiration and Shoutouts

Merritt Levitan was an accomplished 18-year-old hit by a young distracted driver who was texting behind-the-wheel on July 2, 2013.

Merritt sustained a traumatic brain injury and died the next day on July 3, 2013.

Friends of Merritt's at Milton Academy founded TextLess Live More in Fall 2013 to save lives and prevent tragic crashes.

Merritt lived a life of purpose and now she has given us purpose.

Because four seconds of texting behind-the-wheel is all it takes to take away someone you love.

Merritt Levitan – Summer 2012

About TextLess Live More

TextLess Live More is a peer-to-peer national awareness campaign to save lives and end distracted driving.

  • On October 11, 2017, what would have been Merritt’s 23rd birthday, TextLess Live More became an Official Partner with Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.).
  • Since 2013, Textless Live More has shipped over 10,000 TLLM blue bracelets and phone stickers to students around the country.
  • Over 1/4 of million people have read Merritt’s story and watched the TLLM PSAs, and that number climbs daily.
  • Multiple national media outlets such as ABCnews.com, foxnews.com, The Boston Globe, yahoo.com, and others have run Merritt’s story and acknowledge digital distraction as a critical issue facing our generation.
  • TextLess Live More is the country’s leading student-led, peer-to-peer model to raise awareness about the real perils of distracted driving.
  • Together we have the power to save lives and prevent tragic crashes that occur from distracted driving. #TextLessLiveMore

Please watch this video to learn about Merritt. 

Filmed at Milton Academy.

“Blue Chair”

We love you, Merritt. 

For ever and ever and ever.

Beyond rainbows.

TLLM Shoutouts

TextLess Live More Was Founded by People Who Love.

TextLess Live More was founded by Merritt’s high school friends, led by Emeline Atwood, Abigail Lebowitz, Kaitlin Gately, and Erika Lamere, who felt compelled to do something to end distracted driving in Fall 2013 when everyone returned to school. (Thank you, Emmie, Abby, Kaitlyn and Erika – you gals started a movement. You rock! We love you, forever – beyond rainbows.)

Thank you, Mary McGrath. For going to the young people, Merritt’s friends, during the dark days in July 2013, when our collective world was heartbroken. It would have been easy to crumble and cave in and go silent. You, our dear friend, inspired the gals to take action. We didn’t go silent. Merritt is listening. We love you.

Blue was Merritt’s favorite color. It is now the color of the TextLess Live More logo and signature blue bracelet.

Merritt’s uncle Clay Custer – an artist – branded TextLess Live More and came up with the beautiful logo. Merritt loved to ski, hike and bike. She loved the outdoors and especially Sugarbush Mountain in Vermont. The logo embraces Merritt’s Get Living spirt. (Thank you, Clay, we love you – as did Merritt, very much.) 

This custom site was build by another awesome artist Joe Mendonca in Portland, Oregon. (Thank you, Joe. For your artistry. We couldn’t do it without you.)

There are so many more shoutouts and thank-you’s and embraces to share to the many, many who helped a passion project become a lasting project. 

We love you – all of you. Forever. Beyond rainbows.

TextLess Live More