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Download TextLess Live More PSAs

Download TextLess Live More PSAs to create awareness and help to end Distracted Driving.

TextLess Live More PSAs are narrated by actor Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and Maze Runner and directed by Allen Sowelle.

Esposito, the father of four daughters, met TextLess Live More’s inspiration, Merritt Levitan, as a child through close personal friends. He graciously volunteered to narrate the TLLM PSAs.

All the videos are available for download.

The TLLM videos were filmed on location in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Portland, Oregon, Boston’s Faneuil Hall, Harvard University and Milton Academy, where Merritt was a student. The candid interviews are a mixture of Merritt’s friends and people off the street.

The responses to each question were unrehearsed and filmed in one take.

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“Treasure Most”

What do you treasure most about someone?

“Three Hours”

What would you do with three hours?

“Love More. Dance More. Play More.”

A Call-to-Action to TextLess and Live More…

“Blue Chair”

Friends and teachers of Merritt Levitan, the inspiration behind TextLess Live More, talk about her loss and enduring legacy.

Filmed at Milton Academy

Milton, Massachusetts

Fall 2013

All videos are available for download at this link:

TextLess Live More Vimeo Page