meet our team

Meet our staff, student leaders, and board of directors

rich levitan

President & CEO

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marie mcGrath

Executive Director

Marie joined the TextLess Live More team in Fall 2018 and has served as the Executive Director since 2019. She received her BA in communication and English from Boston College and her MFA in Poetry from the University of Florida, where she taught in the English department. She has served as an adventure trip leader in Africa, Central, and South America, an English teacher in Beijing, an interpersonal violence educator, a podcast host, and, briefly (and with very limited success), a voiceover actress for Chinese films. She is from Miami.

Carole Ndianabo

Communications & Engagement Coordinator

Carole Ndianabo joined the TextLess Live More team as the Communications & Engagement Coordinator in February 2020. Carole’s responsibilities involve handling all aspects of social media outreach, content creating and also working on any relevant programming for TextLess Live More. She graduated from the University of Maryland College Park in Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Digital Media Studies. Carole has lived in the Washington DC Area  for 10 years and is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She enjoys cooking, meeting new people, and discovering new places.

engagement board

The TextLess Live More Engagement Board is a national leadership team of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) students from all across the United States. These young leaders spend a year working together to end distracted driving. 
Together, the students of the Engagement Board create the GetLiving Program for each year, bring TLLM to their school and state, and work on personal projects to end distraction in their communities.

Meet the 2020-2021 Engagement Board