promote digital WELLNESS

Our culture of online connectedness contributes to distracted living. Dependence on technology affects not only ability to focus, but also overall well being.

TextLess Live More is focused on promoting healthy habits online and in-person.

digital habits

We believe that examining digital habits and understanding digital dependence can:

  • Change  our culture of distracted living. 
  • Prevent distraction behind the wheel.
  • Promote health and wellness.

We are committed to learning how to live a balanced, present life, while understanding the prevalence of technology in our daily lives.

digital wellness facts

2/3 of Americans somewhat or strongly agree that ‘unplugging,’ or taking a ‘digital detox,’ is important for their mental health


47% of Americans do not have meaningful in-person social interactions on a daily basis


The average adult spends 10 hours everyday connected to some form of media


89% of cell phone owners say they used their phone during the most recent social gathering they attended