The GetLiving Campaign is TLLM’s monthly initiative campaign, designed by the students of the Engagement Board to help you Live More all year. Learn More.

Each monthly initiative was created to help you form healthy digital habits and break the cycle of dependence with our devices.

2020 is the 2nd year of the GetLiving Campaign, and our power word for this year is clarity. This year, we resolve to view our lives with perfect vision—20/20. This means freeing ourselves from digital distraction in order to focus on the world around us and see more of what matters.

GetLiving can be practiced individually or with a group. Each month has a pre-planned event to help get your friends, classmates, or family excited to GetLiving together.

2021 Calendar

GetLiving Live

Join us for our monthly web-series, GetLiving Live, Thursday March 25th at 8:00 PM Eastern.

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Each month features a different distracted driving or digital wellness professional and two of our Engagement Board Students.
Want to be a GetLiving Live presenter? Email us.

March Mayhem

Just Drive January

Do Not Disturb December

Warm Up for Cold Turkey November

Text or Treat October

App Purge

Digital Independence

Summer (re)Solution

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Download the 2021 GetLiving Program.