GetLiving is TLLM’s monthly initiative campaign to help end distracted driving and promote digital wellness.

what it is

A year-long program with different themes, driving activities, and wellness activities for each month.

GetLiving's intention is to help form healthy digital habits, break the cycle of dependence on devices, and live more every day.

You can GetLiving individually or with a group.

what to do

Check out the GetLiving program guide and calendar! 
Click on each month to explore the themes and activities.

2023 calendar

Jet Into January

Find Gratitude February

Mindfulness March

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Memorable May

Jump In June

Just Unplug July

Anchored August

Self-Improvement September

Original October

Go Cold Turkey November

Dazzling December

GetLiving 2023 SADD Program Guide
download the GetLiving guide