the pledge

The TextLess Live More Pledge is the cornerstone of our organization. Ending distracted driving and digital dependence begins with you and this promise you can make to yourself.

I pledge to never text, post, stream, or engage in any form of digital distraction behind the wheel. I take this pledge to save lives, prevent tragic crashes, and make the roads safe for everyone. I pledge to step out from behind my screen and Live More every day.
Thank you for taking the pledge to help end distracted driving!
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what to do next

You've got options:

  1. Pass out pledge cards for community members to sign and keep in their cars or wallets.
  2. Create a pledge banner to be colorfully signed and displayed in a public place.
  3. Sign the pledge online to make your pledge official and receive TLLM updates.

You can also use our free Student Presentation and Facilitation Guide yourself! You know your community best, and we are excited to support you in delivering our important message. Feel free to make edits or additions that you feel will be helpful for your unique audience.
Email us at for support on your presentation.

request a presentation

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getliving campaign

The GetLiving Campaign is TLLM’s monthly initiative campaign, designed by the students of the Engagement Board to help you TextLess and Live More all year.