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    Siblings Speak About Loss for AT&T It Can Wait Campaign

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    Live More Back-to-School 2019

  • Our Mission

    Save Lives. End Distracted Driving.

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    Don't Be Distracted Behind-the-Wheel

  • End Distracted Driving

    We are a student-led, peer-to-peer advocacy group dedicated to ending distracted driving and distracted living. Our goal is to change our behavior behind-the-wheel to save lives and prevent tragic crashes caused by distraction. We also aim to change behavior outside of the car so we can all Live More.

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  • Get Living 2019

    Commit to Living More by Engaging in Real Time with Friends and Loved Ones

    Designed to battle distraction and destructive habits caused by our cell phones. A new, habit-forming action for each month of 2019. Commit here: https://goo.gl/forms/jvAFhjGeMx6aQkcq2
  • Our Mission

    End Distracted Driving. Save Lives. End Distracted Living. Change Lives.

    We are a student-led national awareness campaign. We believe young people have the power to change behavior around digital distraction. We recognize distracted driving as a critical issue facing our generation.
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  • Texting and Driving

  • 9 people are killed everyday in the U.S. due to Distracted Driving.
  • Mental Distraction Lasts up to 27 seconds - after a text!
  • Drivers under the age of 20 have the highest proportion of distraction-related fatal crashes.
  • Start TextLess Live More at your school or organization! End Distracted Driving.
  • Take the TextLess Live More Pledge to never drive distracted. We have the power to Save Lives!
  • Merritt Levitan was killed by a driver who was texting behind-the-wheel - in just 4 seconds. She is the inspiration behind TextLess Live More.
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