14 Stories: Why We TextLess

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TextLess Live More
April 23, 2021

Will Owens of the band 14 Stories tells us why they TextLess

In my opinion, people are the most important thing in life. Text Less Live More is great because it brings awareness to the issue of distracted driving. This is a serious problem—especially at younger ages with less mature drivers. If 14 Stories can help bring awareness about this issue to just one person and prevent a tragic accident, I would consider that a win.

Music in general relates to the notion of Living More. By drawing away from the distracting, flashy things in life, it allows us to relax and appreciate the present moment instead of yearning for the future or regretting the past. This is exactly what young drivers need to understand when they are behind the wheel. When driving, there is nothing in the world more important than safely operating the vehicle. No matter the text, call, or notification, driving is more important. 

Recently, I’ve been applying this idea to most things in my life. It’s beneficial to be able to focus most or all of your energy into the present moment at any given time. Nowadays in our busy lives, it’s critical to be able to disregard the distractions and focus on what’s truly important.

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