Love Yourself, Not Your Phone

Cherish Kauffman
February 14, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day from Team TLLM! One of our Engagement Board members, Cherish (PA), wrote a great blog post to celebrate the holiday.

I’m going to be really honest with you: not everyone’s lives are what they show on Instagram. Watching and refreshing other people’s pages all day isn’t going to make your life better or easier to live. It actually might make it harder.


As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, we need to continue to remember the most important person in our lives - ourselves. You only get one body, one life, so use it to the fullest. Instead of picking up your phone to scroll TikTok, go outside and enjoy the cool air and sunshine. Instead of sending a text message, send a bouquet of flowers to a person who means a lot to you. Become the best version of yourself by doing things outside your phone. 

Believe in yourself without technology, and you’ll be unstoppable. Loving yourself is a big deal, and it’s an accomplishment that you should take great pride in. Loving yourself not only helps you feel more confident, but also helps those around you. Love yourself and not your phone…be present this Valentine’s Day. Love yourself and those around you through kind words, actions, and gifts. Don’t use your phone to send a text…write a personal message and give it to your loved one in person or send it in the mail. You are so much cooler than your phone, so believe it and achieve it! You are special and your life is worth more than your phone and what’s behind the screen. 

Join TextLess Live More this Valentine’s Day in being grateful for the people in our lives, and challenge yourself to take some time away from your phone.

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