• 2nd Annual Cold Turkey Thanksgiving

    By Marie McGrath | Posted Thursday, November 7th, 2019

On Thanksgiving Day, join TextLess Live More in committing to a phone-free holiday.

TextLess Live More is excited to invite you to participate in our second annual TLLM Cold Turkey Thanksgiving. The idea is simple: on Thanksgiving day, it’s phone down and gratitude up. Starting at midnight on November 22nd, our phones are off, out of sight, and out of mind.This holiday is about giving thanks for all the good we’ve got. Many of us will spend the day with family, friends, and loved ones, and what better way to show them we love and are grateful for them than by leaving our phones behind and being 100% present?

For some of us, a full day without our phones seems like a large task, especially a day as busy as Thanksgiving. If you can’t participate all day, that’s fine! Commit to as much phone-free, quality time as possible for you. It’s a gift to yourself and an act of gratitude towards the people with whom you choose to spend your holiday.

We would love to know that you plan to participate, so feel free to use the hashtag #TLLMColdTurkey from November 1st-21st to let the world know you’re committed to enjoying your holiday IRL instead of spending it behind a screen.