• Celebrate National Day of Unplugging

    By Marie McGrath | Posted Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Join TLLM in unplugging from sundown March 1st to sundown on March 2nd.

The TLLM team, in partnership with the Digital Wellness Collective, invites you to join us in the 10th annual National Day of Unplugging–a cause that is very closely aligned with our mission and origin as an organization. The National Day of Unplugging is an annual, viral campaign where tens of thousands of people and organizations “unplug” for 24 hours to reconnect with each other and the real world. Think of it as a daylong digital detox.

Beginning at sundown on March 1st (and for the next 24 hours), unplug with your friends, family, community, school, and/or and companies, for a day of presence and togetherness, screen-free. If you unplug using the lilspace app, each hour you spend screen-free earns a dollar for TLLM. Win-win!

You can also throw your own unplugged event to celebrate the holiday! Find tips and tools for hosting an NDU event here.