• Get Living 2019

    By Marie McGrath | Posted Monday, December 3rd, 2018

TextLess Live More launches first ever New Year's Resolution campaign.

The 12-month program includes a different initiative each month and kicks off January 1st!

TextLess Live More is so excited to announce our first ever New Year’s Resolution campaign: Get Living. The Get Living Campaign was designed to battle distraction and destructive habits caused by our cell phones. We’ve put together twelve months of habit-forming actions that can help you take control of your virtual life–and not the other way around.

Ending distracted driving will always be our primary goal.  We believe we have to tackle the root cause of distracted driving: phone addiction. This addiction is a pandemic, and distracted driving is its deadliest symptom. We hope that, through Get Living, we can reshape our relationships with our devices both in and out of the car to live safer, healthier, happier lives.

Check back each month for details and plans for the new action. We’ll be posting updates here and on all our social media.

Make your resolution to Get Living in 2019 official here and keep your eyes peeled for the full 2019 calendar in the next several weeks.