Get Living 2020: Text or Treat October

It’s Spooky Season Once again, and what better way to kick off October than participating in this month’s Initiative: Text or Treat. This initiative was created by Rhea Bhat from Connecticut and Robert Fields from Pennsylvania.

GetLiving is a monthly campaign to "Live More" and bring awareness to digital distraction.

Carole Ndianabo
October 13, 2020

The idea is very simple: You set goals for yourself to stay off either your messages or some platform of social media for as long as possible.

So it is very easy to say you are going to do something and not do it, so what better form of Encouragement than to treat yourself for a good job. Some of the simplest treats can be eat your favorite snack, taking a well deserved nap, stop working and take a break, or even go out and play some ball. Anything that gives you a reason to complete the initiative is good.

With this initiative, the sky’s the limit for what you do. It can be as simple as staying off Instagram for 10 minutes. As long as you reward yourself for actually fulfilling your goal. So don’t treat yourself to a cookie if you were on your phone all day, it defeats the point. So stay out of the DM’s and into the Fun!

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