Get Living: Mojo March

Get Living this month with Mojo and win prizes with TrueMotion’s free safe driving app

What is Mojo? We'll let our friends at TrueMotion tell you themselves in this guest post!

February 25, 2019

What’s better than driving safe? Driving safe and winning prizes! That’s the idea behind TrueMotion’s free safe driving app – Mojo. Mojo gives you points for every minute you drive without touching your phone. The safer you drive, the more chances you have to win. You can win gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, and Target. Using Mojo is easy. You just download, sign up, and drive. You don’t need to have Mojo open for it to work. TrueMotion’s technology automatically knows when you’re driving. And when you’re distracted. Mojo gives you an overall distraction score – called the “Mojo Score”. It provides you with a detailed breakdown of distracted driving behaviors. This includes swiping and typing, handheld calls, and hands-free calls. When you get 300 points, you earn a chance to spin the virtual wheel to win a prize. Mojo is better with friends. You can create groups of friends to compete against. You find out who’s the safest driver (which you could use to show your parents if they ever ask who’s driving), and you can encourage the non-safest drivers to drive safer (85% of teens say they’d stop driving distracted if asked by a friend). You also get a free spin for every friend who joins Mojo. Besides winning free stuff, Mojo helps you understand what kind of driver you are. Are you as safe as you thought? Worse? Better? After you start using Mojo, you’ll notice your behaviors start to change. 94% of Mojo users report that they’re more aware of distracted driving. And 91% of Mojo users say they’ve reduced their distraction. What’s not to love? Mojo is free. It’s fun. And you get rewarded for something you should be doing anyway – driving safe. Best of all, it helps you get living. You can get Mojo free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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