GetLiving 2020: App Purge August

Back-to-school probably looks really different this year, which means it's especially important to cut out negative distractions and focus on what matters. Start by cutting back on some apps in this initiative designed by Catherine Douglas from Louisiana

GetLiving is a monthly campaign to "Live More" and bring awareness to digital distraction.

August 4, 2020

This month, start the school year off right by dumping the junk on your phone that makes you distracted, both on the road and off. Even though one post, Snap, or text takes three seconds to send, when you’re on the road, it can have permanent consequences. If there is an app you find is particularly hard for you to ignore, delete it for the month and notice the difference.

Same goes for your life outside of the car. If there is an application you find yourself spending more time on than you spend with your family and friends, take a break during August to check in with yourself. How does it feel to spend that time with the ones you love instead of lost in your phone?

This monthly initiative is designed to give people time to focus on driving, school, work, and teach people to become phone independent, rather than dependent.

Publicize App Purge August Social Media by creating posters and social media posts on strategies students use to keep from driving distracted. For example, putting your phone in the center console, putting it in the backseat, etc. Ask members of your chapters what they do, and design a fun way to share these with your community!

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