GetLiving 2020: Summer (re)Solution

2020 looks a little different today than it did when we made our New Year's resolutions. In this month's initiative by Robert Fields and Freya Klein, we get another shot at our goals.

GetLiving is a monthly campaign to "Live More" and bring awareness to digital distraction.

June 4, 2020

Go back in time to New Year's Eve and try to remember your resolution. Perhaps it feels like just a moment ago, or maybe, what with all that has changed in the world, it feels like a lifetime. Where is that resolution today? Did you complete your goal, or did you forget about it? Does what you hoped to do feel more or less relevant to your life now?

No matter how you answered those questions, this month you can start fresh. We're close to halfway through the year, and the TLLM Engagement Board created this initiative in the hopes that we could all take some time to reflect on how the year is going, recenter ourselves, and resolve to Live More, whatever that means to you in our current global and national moment.

It is a great idea for your resolution to be a goal that will help you stay off your phone, especially now when screen time is at an all-time high. However, it is important to make a goal that is actually achievable. So instead of saying, “I want to delete all of my social media forever” maybe change it to “I want to stay off Snapchat for a week.”

You might be thinking about engaging in activism, especially now. Taking some space away from social media to process and have conversations is a wonderful way to Live More in service of social justice.

Focus on creating a resolution that is specific. With respect to phone goals, consider applying some sort of time limit. A great example would be, “I want to only spend 1 hour a day for the summer on Instagram.”

These Summer (re)Solutions can also be done with friends and family. Take some time to come up with them together, and try to cheer each other on; the best encouragement comes from your loved ones!

Create a summer bucket list with your chapter, friends, or family of activities you can safely do this summer that will help you achieve your resolution. Experiencing new things with the ones you love, phone-free, is one of the best ways to GetLiving!

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