• GetLiving 2020

    By Marie McGrath | Posted Monday, December 30th, 2019

It's time for your 2nd New Year's Resolution with TLLM!

The 12-month program includes a different initiative each month and kicks off January 1st!

This year we launched our first-ever New Year’s Resolution campaign, GetLiving. Each month of 2019, students, teachers, and concerned citizens resolved to Live More by taking the GetLiving program and bringing it to life in their homes and communities.

For 2020, we’re back with another year of monthly initiatives to help you take back your life this year by breaking bad habits with your phone and forming positive ones. These twelve months of ideas, all designed by the students of our Engagement Board, were written to bring about tech-life balance by helping us all put people before phones, for a safer, more connected world.

We’re at a point as a society where the pervasiveness of distraction is undeniable. We see drivers with their heads ducked down, ignoring the real and immediate danger they are posing to themselves and the drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians around them. We see people living their lives–eating meals, hanging out with friends, spending time with family–and missing it all from behind their screens. Behind the wheel, the cost of distraction is human lives. Outside of the car, the cost is letting life pass you by.

It’s time to act. GetLiving with us and let this year be the one where we Live More than ever before.

Click here to download the GetLiving 2020 program, or check back each month for updates on the blog.