GetLiving 2021: Talk It Out November

Cat Smith
November 5, 2021

GetLiving November 2021 is brought to you by Amitesh Verma (Ohio) & Robert Fields (Pennsylvania)!


What comes to mind when you think of November? Probably Thanksgiving, delicious food, and the jolly transition into the winter season. However, most importantly, November is a time to give thanks and appreciate your friends and the members of your family—an opportunity to connect. Take some time this November to talk it out with your family members, dropping your devices. It’s not always healthy to communicate through text. It’s important to use your voice and have quality convos with your family and friends. Give someone a call or sit down together for a heart-to-heart!


Whenever possible, try to use a call instead of a text to communicate with your family members and friends (of course, for certain matters, texting is more convenient). Especially during Thanksgiving, unplug for a couple hours and spend time with your family and friends, “talking it out” and cooking some great food. Go Cold Turkey for Thanksgiving and choose to be phone-free for the day! Or for as long as possible :)

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