GetLiving 2022: Action August

August 15, 2022

GetLiving August is brought to you by Team TLLM!


Summer is coming to a close, the school year is starting, and we’re getting ready to enter the last few months of 2022. We bet there is at least one thing on your bucket list for the year that you haven’t gotten around to yet!

Action August is all about tying up loose ends and doing something fun that you’ve been putting of for a while. There is truly no time like the present. We know it’s easy to get busy and overwhelmed, which means we often miss out on things that have been on our to-do lists for a while.

Take some time this Action August and set yourself up to start the school year correctly, with a clean slate!


Pull out your past to-do lists or goals for the year. Are there any items you can try and knock out? Commit to Action August and do it!

Are there any months of GetLiving you weren’t able to fully invest in? Do them now! It can be difficult to make time in your busy schedule to catch up on past tasks or activities, but now is a great time to accomplish some overdue goals.

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