GetLiving 2022: (Don't Get) Swept-Up September

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September 1, 2022

GetLiving September is brought to you by Team TLLM!


Time to get excited for autumn! School is in full swing and vacation mode is dwindling down. Schedules are about to get busy again —  the return of fall sports, more projects at work, and the abundance of autumnal activities to enjoy (apple picking and frolicking in the leaves!!).

This September, it's important to not get Swept-Up. Take some time now to really organize your life before the holiday season. You'll be grateful you did!


Organize your calendar! Whether it be on your laptop, phone, or paper, the time is now to do it. Here are some items you might want to take note of:

• Holidays

• Deadlines for assignments and projects

• Birthdays of friends and families

• Any meetings, practices, or rehearsals

It's important to not make your calendar too overwhelming so it can still be a useful tool. As a reward for organizing, schedule in some days for yourself. Plan a fun fall activity with friends or take a self-care day.

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