GetLiving 2022: Get Away May!

May 16, 2022

GetLiving May is brought to you by Aarav Varma (Colorado) and Connor Ballard (Louisiana!)


School’s out (or almost out), and it’s time to party! With finals done, take some well-earned time to get away from all the classroom stressors and finally ~chillax~. Although a chill digital day can be nice, not every day needs to be spent in front of your phone or computer. When you’re lounging around the house with nothing to do, hit up a friend, go outside, and enjoy a digital detox.


For Get Away May, commit to getting out of the house and doing something screen-free with others at least twice a week. The possibilities are endless, from going to a mall to going golfing. Leaving the house doesn’t mean spending money, though! Go play football in the park, or explore nature with your friends, whether it be hiking up a mountain, walking through the forest, or lounging at the beach. You can do these things alone, too. Everyone needs a little “me” time sometimes. Get Away from your regular routine this May!

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