GetLiving 2022: Jumpstart January!!!

Cat Smith
January 6, 2022

Happy New Year! Join the TextLess Live More team in a new year of GetLiving!


It’s a new year, and the best way to jumpstart 2022 is to make a resolution. We know, we know, most resolutions become distant memories by February, but this one is easy: commit to NEVER driving distracted. Join thousands of other students and adult allies across the nation in pledging to never engage in digital distraction behind the wheel, because ending distracted driving starts with you.


Sign the TextLess Live More pledge to NEVER drive distracted, either using the TLLM online pledge or by hosting a pledge event at your school. As part of your pledge, make a plan for every time you get behind the wheel. Decide where the safest place for your phone is while you drive, i.e. in the glove box or in the backseat, set up the Do Not Disturb While Driving function on your phone, and/or set up hands-free calling in your car. With this pledge and your new in-car routine, start the new year off strong, without driving distracted! 

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