• GetLiving: August Mode

    By Marie McGrath | Posted Thursday, August 8th, 2019

Soak up the last month of summer!

Put your phone on airplane mode to make the most of August.

This month, Get Living by designating a time of day where your phone is on airplane mode. The length is up to you, but make it the same time every day so your family and friends know when you’ll be off the grid. This period of the day is your August Mode.

Airplane mode is a great feature even when you’re not up about the clouds. Turning on airplane mode allows you to take a break from the digital world for a customizable time period without actually leaving your device behind. This way, you know you can use your phone if you really need to, and some of the pressure and stress of being unplugged is alleviated.

Try planning weekly August Mode sessions with friends and family. These phone-free sessions can be used for studying or hanging out, playing games, or just catching up on your day, and it’s a good way to establish a phone-free zone at school or at home. If you’re August Mode-ing solo, this is a really wonderful time to reflect, take stock, and spend some time with yourself without the distraction of your device.

Let us know how you’re spending August Mode!