GetLiving 2022: June Balloons!

June 21, 2022

GetLiving June is brought to you by Samantha Greenfield (Florida) and Kamryn Michelina (Wyoming)!


We’re halfway through the year! Time to reflect on 2022 – maybe even get some balloons and celebrate making it halfway through 2022! Recollect and reflect on your favorite memories, and even your least favorite memories. Ask yourself some questions:

What did you learn?

Did you grow?

Did you change in a positive way?

How will you continue to improve your mental health for the rest of the year?

Take this month to reflect on your mental wellness and how it has affected your year thus far.


With your SADD chapter or by yourself, inflate your own balloons or buy balloons inflated with helium. Grab a sharpie and do a brain dump on the balloon with your thoughts on 2022. Write down anything you please and on as many balloons as you please! You can write about how you’re doing mentally and emotionally, any goals you have achieved or plan to achieve, or even things you’re struggling with and how you can persevere through the rest of the year.

Once you are finished writing, pop the balloon to send your thoughts and wishes out into the universe! Participating in June Balloons is a great stress reliever for many, and also a fun way to celebrate getting midway through the year!

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