• GetLiving: Mealtime May

    By Marie McGrath | Posted Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

This month's initiative will push you to savor your meals in a new way.

Mealtime presents an amazing opportunity to connect with the people in your life. When chowing down on breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’ve got the time to reflect on your day, spend quality time with your family and friends, and, duh, enjoy tasty food. Being on your phone takes you out of all those experiences and puts a wall up between you and the people with whom you are eating.

This May, resolve to keep your phone away during mealtime. You can employ the popular ‘phone stack’ method, where everyone stacks their phone in the center of the table, or you can push yourself a bit further and make a pact to keep your phone off the table! Not even face down. The buzz of new notifications and messages is a distraction even if you don’t check them until later. Keep the temptation in another room while you enjoy your food and your company.

To start the month, have a conversation with your friends and family about Mealtime May and make a gameplan. Maybe that means decorating a bin, basket, or sign for your house or lunch table. This object will be the designated spot where all those gathered will park their phones during mealtime, and who knows, maybe this routine will be one that sticks beyond just May. We hope so!

Let us know if you’re taking part in Mealtime May here. We’d love to hear all about it!



(Cover photo from Sarah with an H)