Giving Tuesday: Eyes Up Ride

Cat Smith
November 30, 2021

On this wonderful Tuesday, help support Ben in his goal of raising $50,000 to end distracted driving!

In case you missed it, Ben Grannis is taking on a truly incredible goal: a round-the-country bike trip. Ben is pedaling to raise awareness and donations for TextLess Live More so that we can continue our important work. He started in August and has already traveled an amazing amount of distance, going from Massachusetts to Seattle, Washington, down the coast to Oregon. He’s met a lot of wonderful people on his journey, seen some breathtaking sights, and has continued working tirelessly for his goal. Ben is taking a break from bike-riding and is home for the holidays, but is continuing his fundraising efforts until he gets back on the road. We couldn’t be more proud of Ben, and we hope you’ve enjoyed following his adventure. For this Giving Tuesday, we’re hoping you consider contributing to Ben’s fundraising goal.

For more information about Ben’s ride you can check out his website: He’s also written a couple of blog posts for us!

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