• Get Living: Hi-Res January

    By Marie McGrath | Posted Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

Start the year right with our first monthly initiative.

For the first month of our Get Living campaign and of 2019 we figured we’d kick it into high resolution. This month’s initiative is about laying the groundwork for a productive year of breaking bad phone habits and Living More.

Let’s begin the year right by thinking mindfully about when, why and how we use our devices. If you use an iPhone, look at your Screen Time report. If you use an Android or Google phone, look at your Digital Wellbeing report. The information your phone is already collecting speaks volumes about your habits–both positive and negative.

Use what you learn in these reports to set two personal goals about when and how you use your phone. That first goal might be to spend an allotted amount of time each day or week phone-free, or simply to be more productive when on your phone. The second might be something specific you want to change, like making more phone calls instead of texting, using Snapchat only in the afternoon, etc. What we’re saying is: this resolution is personal. Everyone has different needs when it comes to their phones, so make sure that the goals you set this month will work for you all year–not just for the first week or two. Keep it small, keep it manageable, and good luck!

Check back January 28th for what’s coming in February, and don’t forget to commit to GetLiving on our Facebook event or here.