• Loving Every Second

    By Marie McGrath | Posted Monday, June 10th, 2019

TJ Swirbalus on His TLLM Experience

Co-head of the Milton Academy TLLM Board shares highlights

My experience with TLLM has been nothing short of amazing. I first became a member of the student board my Sophomore year. Every meeting we have had since then has not only been meaningful but has been tons of fun as well. I knew how dangerous distracted driving was before I came onto the board, but being involved with TLLM really taught me the statistics and showed me how I can educate others on these dangers. Seeing how many applications there are to join the board each year made me realize how impactful TLLM is at Milton; students really care about safe driving and the idea of connecting with those around them.

Going into college and beyond, something I will always take with me from TLLM is its story. I will put TextLess stickers on my computer and phone as well as wear TextLess bracelets and shirts. Seeing TextLess’ nationwide influence amongst high schools has shown me that it is very important to spread the TLLM message as far as I can and as much as I can. I hope that people will ask me what “TextLess Live More” means so that I can tell them Merritt’s story and tell them why TextLess is so important.

Overall, being on the TLLM board has taught me how important the connections I have with my friends and family are. TextLess has shown me how to be a safer driver as well as a better brother, son, and friend. TextLess’ emphasis on the human connection and living in the moment has made a huge impact on my life and will continue to do so for many people. TextLess will be in my heart long after I graduate. I have loved every second spent on TextLess endeavors and will dearly miss being on the board.

– TJ Swirbalus

TJ will attend Tulane University this Fall. Sadie Murray, the other 2018-2019 co-head of the TLLM Board, will attend Bates College. Thank you, Sadie and TJ, for all your hard work this year!