Join the Sugarbush Super Rally March 19

March 16, 2022

Enjoy some spring skiing and donate in memory of Sugarbush skier and instructor, Merritt Levitan. Kick off is 12 PM Saturday at the Green Mountain Lodge.

From the SB Super Rally organizer, Kevin Taylor: 

Hey Ralliers ….have you heard the Pandemics is OVAH!! (And WINTER is NOT!!)

Well…maybe not completely, but there’s still a Rally to be had. Much more low key than previous spectacles, but the deal is the same.

First Saturday after you turn the clocks ahead (Yes, March 19th)….12pm Tee-Time at the Green Mountain Lounge.

Stop No. 3 Slide Brook Chair hasn’t (and won’t ) be running this year, so grab a shuttle, your car or someone else’s to get back to South.
This year we are going to have a Slopeside Welcome Center (Stop X) at one of the Cabins at the Base of the Wunderbar (Stop 5….or 6, 7, and 8- whatever).

It will be open and attended all glorious-day long.

Once we wrap up the day….we are looking to do a little Parking Lot Apres Tailgatin’ to keep the party going. So plan accordingly!!

From the GIVING perspective - as it is a BIG part of this event – donate to TextLess Live More in memory and honor of Sugarbush skier and Instructor Merritt Levitan:

What a great weekend and opportunity to catch up to all those you haven’t seen this entire season long!

See you then!!


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