Meet the Engagement Board: Cheyenne!

Cat Smith
November 16, 2021

Our third TLLM Engagement Board introduction is with Cheyenne!‍

Cheyenne is a senior at Massanutten Regional Governor’s School and Central High School in Virginia. Along with being a first-time Engagement Board member, she is involved in a truly spectacular amount of other extracurriculars such as serving as the National Honor Society President, Class President, 4-H Vice President, Family, Career, Community Leaders of America Officer, Champions Together Officer, FFA Member, SADD Member, TAB Member, Shenandoah Memorial Hospital volunteer, Family Promise volunteer, Special Olympics volunteer, Varsity Sideline Cheer, Varsity Competition Cheer, and Varsity Tennis. 

Cheyenne doesn’t know for sure what she will study in college next year, but she is leaning towards pre-med. Her ideal occupation is neonatal nurse practitioner, or perhaps working with students with disabilities. Cheyenne loves serving others, and obviously wants to incorporate her passion into her future career. All of Cheyenne’s extracurriculars revolve around helping others; serving those around her and bettering her community makes Cheyenne who she is.

Her desire to serve others absolutely played a role in Cheyenne getting involved with TextLess Live More. When I asked why Cheyenne joined the Engagement Board, she told me it stemmed from her desire to interact with new people, to reach an audience at a larger level, and to help make an impact on her peers. Cheyenne says TLLM’s mission is important because she wants to help keep her friends and family safe by spreading our message. 

Cheyenne thinks TLLM’s digital wellness focus is a vital part of living a good life. She’s been working on prioritizing her time by setting timers on her apps so she doesn’t over use them. Cheyenne has been stepping away from social media in order to learn more about herself. By prioritizing digital wellness, Cheyenne has been able to spend more time in the present moment -- especially with her family and loved ones who are such an important part of her life. 

Looking towards future goals, Cheyenne hopes to spread awareness for TextLess Live More and to get other people involved. 

Here are some extra fun facts about caring Cheyenne:

Favorite musical artist: Taylor Swift

She likes book and movies from all genres

Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate peanut butter

Welcome to the team, Cheyenne! We’re so happy to have you!

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