Quick Reminder to Get Outside :)

Samantha Greenfield
March 11, 2022

A TLLM Engagement Board Co-President wants to make sure everyone is making the most of Mother Nature March!

Hi everyone!

I’m enjoying another Nature March down in sunny Florida! I’ve been embracing this months GetLiving initiative by doing fun activities outside. This includes going on long hikes, biking, swimming, and my personal favorite…kayaking!

I love being out in the water seeing so much wildlife and taking in the sunshine. It’s nice to take a few hours away from my screen to enjoy the beautiful world in front of me. I hope everyone this month has the opportunity to take a step back from reality and just enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer this month!

Some other ideas for your monthly initiative:

- go out on a picnic

- play volleyball

- go on a run

However you decide to spend time outdoors, try to stay off your screen, and share your ideas with us later! 🌎☀️

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