TLLM Rodman Ride 2021: It Happened!

Cat Smith
October 8, 2021

There’s still time to get involved!

The Rodman Ride happened this year! And it was great!

As you may remember, the Rodman Ride 2020 was a little different. The Rodman Ride 2021 was a little different…again! COVID-19 is still a large concern, so the Ride once again offered the “Choose Your Own Adventure” option, for which participants could choose their own activity and complete it from home. In years past, the ride has welcomed between 900 to 1,000 riders to Boston. This year, for the 30th Rodman Ride, there were only about 300 in-person riders, with  many more participating from afar. Team TextLess Live More had 5 in-person riders, 2 teammates working for the ride’s road crew, and 80+ other teammates participating in the ride from various locations! In support of Merritt and the TLLM mission, team members rode bikes, walked, played tennis, and took time to do yoga. We had team members in Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Texas, Virginia, Illinois, Colorado. There were even a couple incredible people participating in Canada and Denmark!

The Rodman Ride has been an important part of TextLess Live More since the beginning. Not only is it our biggest fundraising event each year, but it perfectly aligns with the TLLM mission: to take a step back, to enjoy life outside, and to help others. The 2021 Rodman Ride was wonderful. It took place on a beautiful day in September -- no rain, perfect temperature, lots of sun and happy faces. 

The best part of all this: there’s still time to get involved!

As of this week, Team TextLess Live More has raised over $85,000. Our goal is $100,000, and we have until November 1st to reach this number. We would love it if you helped us reach our goal.

If you would like to donate, please visit

We want to thank everyone who participated the day of the event, everyone who has donated, and everyone who has spent time raising money. The funds we’ve raised during this time will continue to help TLLM engage students around the country. Our mission is important, and we still have a lot of work to do! 

Next year we hope to have even more participation -- put September 30th, 2022 on your calendars for next year’s Rodman Ride! Go Team TextLess Live More!

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